Once upon a time, every body was a custom-made, one-up body designed and built for a specific customer. Volume was low and cost was high and it was very labor intensive. Today, many body styles have become standardized and are manufactured in volume which creates a much lower cost and uniform quality at the same time. On the other pages of this site, we’ve shown a lot of the standardized bodies, such as service body, contractor body, van body and so on.

On this page, we want to present some unique bodies for specific industries or job types. These may be modifications of a standardized body, or they may be one-up jobs. Sometimes, you just have to have what you need to get the job done and if it costs a little more and takes a little more time, well, that’s just what you have to deal with to get that perfect body for your particular needs.

We can help. We deal with a number of high quality suppliers and can get custom jobs done as you need. If you can draw it, we can get it built–heck, even if you can’t draw it, talk to us and we’ll get someone to draw it and get you a quote.